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Biology 1006: 3/17/10 Why be warm? o Physical chemistry- molecular motion (movement of molecules) is faster when warm, more rapid chemical reactions, nerve functions o Biological- warm blooded animals can exploit colder regions of the earth (limmings) o Evolutionary- cycles of global cooling as a result of meteor impacts and all the dust out into the atmosphere, so cold blooded animals died because they could not survive the cold, the animals that did survive were birds and mammals How important is it for humans to stay warm? o Average temperature-98.6 degrees F o Cooling to 86 degrees F causes a loss of muscle coordination, eyes are fixed, and
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Unformatted text preview: heart rate is irregular o At 77 degrees F Cardiac arrest occurs and you die o In water, 55 degrees F. hypothermia can occur in as little as 20-30 minutes o 107 degrees F is a critical temperature for life, starts denaturing enzymes at this temperature • Metabolism: how efficient we produce our energy and energy production, oxygen consumption, and heat production, overall how much energy we are producing • • SA/V (surface area/volume) decreases as size increases •...
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