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class notes 3.17 - Biology 1006: 3/17/10 Morula tree:...

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Biology 1006: 3/17/10 Morula tree: fleshy fruits with seeds, favorite of animals in South Africa o Amarula liquor Alkaloids: caffeine, nicotine, morphine, atropine, scopolamine, strychnine (Jimpson weed have atropine, scopolamine) Mustard Oils: brassic acid and related compounds Alkaloids and Mustard Oils are in plants to try to discourage animals from eating them because of the harmful effects or because of the taste (mustard oils) Tropism: movement of plants, controlled growth o Differential growth, causes part of the plant to grow at a different rate than another part of the plant Phototropism: growth toward light, plants have a positive phototropic effect which means that they move towards where the light is o Growth towards the light is occurring in the tip, the chemical signal to move towards the light is coming from the tip of the plant Geotropism: growth influence by gravity, positive geotropism means that plant will grow up and the roots will grow down Thigmotropism: touch, when plants touch something they may begin to wrap around it (plants wrap around vines) General model of hormone action:
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class notes 3.17 - Biology 1006: 3/17/10 Morula tree:...

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