class notes 3.29

class notes 3.29 - Biology 1006 • At the hair follicle...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology 1006: 3/29/10 • At the hair follicle, there is a muscle called the erector pili and when we get cold the muscle lifts the hair up from the skin to try to insulate the body more • Psoriasis, Warts, etc. o Psoriasis is caused by abnormal division of epidermal cells • Pigmentation spots • Leather: chemical treatment of the dermal and epidermal layer (primarily dermal) to make it hardened • Advantages of Skeleton: o Bony support for spinal cord- vertebrae which helps with motion, but prevents the spinal cord from being shortened to protect the integrity of the spinal cord, very flexible, bony support is very important, skull protects the brain o Allows for growth- without having to be shed o Support and muscle attachment- connecting muscle and bone (collagen elastic proteins) Ligaments=strong bands of collagen which join bones to bones Production of red and white blood cells- • Marrow has 2 types= red marrow is highly vascularized with capillaries stem cells (produce red or white blood cells) and white/yellow marrow is mostly fat tissue and energy reserves Reservoir for calcium • Ends of the bones will harden early to take the stress of motion and the rest of the bones...
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class notes 3.29 - Biology 1006 • At the hair follicle...

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