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class notes 4.21 - Biology 1006: 4/21/2010 Lines of...

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Biology 1006: 4/21/2010 Lines of Defense: o Unbroken Skin o Ciliated mucous epithelium- clear the lungs of smoke, dust, and bacteria o Sweat glands- lysozymes (break down proteins of bacteria and viruses Lysozymes in tears also break down bacteria o Gastric Acids- NCl acids o Microbes (gut flora)- healthy flora (probiotics) are healthy bacteria that disable or keep disease bacteria from growing o Immune system- non-specific= happens in any infection specific= specialized, recognize individual invaders Non Specific Immune Response: o Blood clotting to heal wounds- seal openings in skin, scab o Histamine-Inflammation- when invasion, foreign protein, bacteria, viruses, fungi occurs histamine is released, capillaries dilate, more white blood cells, temperature increases Histamine are released by mast cells o Complement- specialized protein that any type of infection will bring out, it tags the invading cells Blasts holes in the membrane of the invading cell Makes the invading cells easier to swallow by white blood cells
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class notes 4.21 - Biology 1006: 4/21/2010 Lines of...

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