class notes 4.26

class notes 4.26 - Biology 1006: 4/26/2010 Passive...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology 1006: 4/26/2010 Passive Immunity: getting antibodies from someone else (temporary) Active immunity: formation of antibodies within self as a result of exposure to antigens Vaccine Induced (active immunity): solutions of viruses or virus proteins which elicits an immune (antibody) response Booster shot: reinitialize the antibodies so you have a much greater response/greater defense against the disease Problems with the Immune System: o Auto immune diseases- diseases where the body attacks itself Poison ivy= has a compound in the oil, Arushinol, and it attacks the cell membranes of the skin. It changes the cell membranes recognition codes o Juvenile Diabetes (type I)- destroys Beta cells of the pancreas (produces insulin), known as a viral attack, insulin is not produced as much so child becomes diabetic o Lupus- immune system attacks soft tissue organs in the body, primarily kidney, liver, ligaments and connective tissue, etc, body actually attacks its own organs, causes liver and kidney failure o Rheumatoid arthritis- immune system attacks joints, cartilage, and other organs o Myasthenia gravis- immune systems attacks receptor muscles and striated muscles o...
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class notes 4.26 - Biology 1006: 4/26/2010 Passive...

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