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Biology 1006: 5/5/2010 Urethra: the duct that releases the things from the bladder Prostate glands are one of the leading cancers in men o At 50 years old- 30% showed some incidence of prostate cancer o At 80 years old- 78% showed some signs of prostate cancer Components of Semen: o pH 7.35-7.50, 2-6 ml fluids Source Contribution o Testis o Sperm < 1% o Seminal Vesicles o 70% protein, fructose sugar, and prostaglandins o Prostate
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Unformatted text preview: o 30% bicarbonate ions, citric acid, lipids, enzymes o Cowpers o Alkaline pH, mucous (little volume) • Transfer of sperm is in 2 phases: o Emission- the filling of the ball o Ejaculation- the export of the sperm • Parasympathethic nervous system: Neurotransmitter acetylcholine: dilates capillaries • Sympathetic nervous system: Neurotransmitter adrenalin: constricts capillaries •...
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