class noted- 2.3, 2.8

class noted- 2.3, 2.8 - Women's Studies 1824 Movie Notes...

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Women’s Studies 1824 Movie Notes: Revolutionary War: Abigail Adams (1776) thought women should have equal rights under the law o 1777- wrote to husband about being more generous to women Civil right and women’s rights fight started at same time, gender and race movement are hand in hand In colonial times, when a woman got married all of her property and rights were then her husband’s Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lacrecia Mott in 1848 had Seneca Falls Convention o Fought for abolition of laws for property rights and for the right to vote The History of Women’s Suffrage written by Susan B. Anthony and Stanton Until 1964, it was legal to discriminate against women because of their gender in the work place In textile mills, women working were locked in the building and couldn’t go to the bathroom, worked in extremely hazardous conditions o Triangle shirt factory fire, women died in fire and women killed the children that worked there so that they would not burn alive like they did Teachers were fired when they became pregnant because that meant they were having sex and community did not want their children shown that WWII, women went to work when men went to war, but then when the men came back
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class noted- 2.3, 2.8 - Women's Studies 1824 Movie Notes...

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