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Class Notes-2.1 - Women's Studies 2/1 Declaration of...

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Women’s Studies- 2/1 Declaration of sentiments/Seneca Falls 1848 o Sentiments-grievances o In document explains all men AND women are equal and deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (like the Declaration of Independence) o based on Declaration of Independence to try to parallel how women were being repressed like all colonials were many years ago by the British Douglass 1848 o Slave who escaped from Massachusetts o Published North Star Newspaper, supporting the Seneca Falls Convention o “Right is of no sex” S. Truth 1851/1867 o 40 years as a slave, 40 years being free o Says after everything she went through she should be able to vote o Uneducated ex-slave who spoke very eloquently Stanton 1892 o Women are seen for their family roles o Wants respect, not just a maid, has a soul too and therefore deserves rights and a vote o See me as an adult and a person, not just the thing that cooks, cleans, and cares for the children Pankhurst 1913 o In jail 12 times over 18 months o
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