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Women’s Studies- 1824: 2/22/10 Inscribing: the written values we have as men and women when growing up and as adults, what men and women are supposed to be o Writing specific “rules” to gender gender is an idea, so it can overall be changed o 1950s- women were working outside the home during war and then sent home when they came back, body image in 1950s=Marline Monroe o 1960s- “twiggy” o Women body image- never used to exercise, big change from today! The “Meaningful” body: norms of beauty o Norm-white, smiling, thin, able-bodied, heterosexual Where are the other races? Biological Determination: how you are meant to act as a women or man
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Unformatted text preview: Womans body is idealized over her mind Womens role are of an extension of what they can do (give birth), so they belong in the home o Women can only be wives, mothers (judged by their relationships while men arent judged in that same way Chinese Foot Binding: it is feminine to have small feet Why are women globally controlled? Why do they allow it? o Seems like it is closer to nature and culture o Nature : culture female : male We should be citizens first and consumers second (be ethical before a shopper)...
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