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Class notes 2.10 - ideologies are ranked One race is better...

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Women’s Studies- 2/10/10 Not everyone is equally unequal Need to understand each other’s realities Multiple systems of oppression: very sizable obstacle that makes achieving change very difficult o How we are socialized and how do we internalize those values? Take in the norms, values, prejudices, stereotypes of what is around us o Mathew Sheppard-beaten and left for dead because he was gay o How do we pull apart and break up the systems? o Systems- made up of interconnected parts that essentially work together o In a system, the norms, values, and
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Unformatted text preview: ideologies are ranked One race is better than another or one gender is better than another o Do our norms form how we create social institutions? Political parties Educational institutions o Slavery is an example of these systems Women pull somewhat of a double shift, because they work outside the home and then come home and take care of the house too (cook, clean) Are we socialized into thinking that as a woman we are supposed to do these roles?...
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