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class notes 3.1

class notes 3.1 - Women's Studies 1824 Biological...

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Women’s Studies 1824: 3/1/2010 Biological Determinism: body part, body, the value placed on those body parts o [Female] body/part o Values- honor, virtue, chastity, intelligence, etc. o Consequences- FGC, surgery, schooling, political voice, etc. o Hysterical come from the work hysera which means uterus (so people thought if you remove it then she will be ok) FGC article: a procedure done to make sure they are virgins when they get married, infections could occur from this surgery, orthodox Christians and other religions practice this, o NOT done or spoken about in the Quran o FGC is not that high of a priority where it is occurring, because in the countries where it is happening there are more important issues occurring like starvation and other topics Cleteradectimy was a cure for women that were “out of control”, unruly, and unfeminine women Eugenics: movement which started when many immigrants were coming into the US,
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