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class notes 3.17 - or are demasculiniazed by people so they...

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Women’s Studies 1824: 3/17/10 1/3 of male suicide is gay men 90% domestic violence committed by men on women Are we raising men in our societies to be men which can be harmful to our society Article about gender, class, and terrorism What do 9/11 and the white supremacist movement have in common? o Largely working class males After 9/11 member rates have gone up 49% in the white supremacist groups In both groups, the members are well educated but feel that they do not have equal rights
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Unformatted text preview: or are demasculiniazed by people so they take out their anger on these people • White supremacists praised the terrorists for doing what they were not brave enough to do themselves • 1 in 4 men will use violence against their partner • 85% of murder is done by men • Most batterers will grow up to be batterers themselves...
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