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Class_Reading_List - THOMAS WOLFE Gulping the Great West...

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Landscape Architecture 1203 Views of the American Landscape LSU – Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Class Reading List Mirror of America: Literary Encounters with the National Parks Edited by David Harmon The National Park Foundation Roberts Rinehart, Inc. Publishers, Boulder 1989 JOHN MUIR: A Meeting in the Valley RALPH WALDO EMERSON: The Shot Heard Round the World HENRY JAMES: Reflected Distinction OWEN WISTER: Old Yellowstone Days ABRAHAM LINCOLN: The Gettysburg Address MARY ROBERTS RINEHART: Ride the Rockies and Save Your Soul RUDYARD KIPLING: On Tour Through the Yellowstone JOHN BURROUGHS: Divine Abyss HARRIET MONROE: Two Yosemite Poems CARL SANDBURG: Scrapers of the Deep Winds
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Unformatted text preview: THOMAS WOLFE: Gulping the Great West GEORGE CATLIN: A Nation's Park FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED: Preservation for All JAMES BRYCE: Should Cars be Allowed in Yosemite? CHARLES DICKENS: The Factories of Lowell BAYARD TAYLOR: A Second World MARK TWAIN: The Hawaii Volcanoes WALLACE STEGNER: The Marks of Human Passage BERNARD DE VOTO: Footloose in Democracy ANNIE DILLARD: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Chapter 11, Section II Stalking ALDO LEOPOLD: A Sand County Almanac, February – Good Oak JOHN MCPHEE: The Control of Nature, Atchafalaya JOHN WESLEY POWELL: Canyons of the Colorado, June 8 to August 25, 1869 RALPH WALDO EMERSON: From Nature (1836)...
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