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quiz1 - b Message switching with header H = 60 bytes c...

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Quiz 1 CNT 5106C 27 January 2011 Instructions: Write your last name, then first initial in upper right-hand corner of answer sheet, and write “Quiz 1” centered at top. Answer all questions. 1. Compare the total time it takes to send a 5 million byte data file over a path with five hops when the data rate of each link is 1 Mbps and the propagation delay per link is 10 ms. for each of the following methods. Assume no errors. Show your work. a) Circuit switching with setup time S = 1 sec.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Message switching with header H = 60 bytes c) Packet switching with header H = 60 bytes, packet size = 1000 bytes 2. Consider application requirements. a) What is the difference between delay and jitter? b) Provide an example of an application that is delay tolerant and one that is not delay tolerant. Explain. c) What makes an application intolerant of jitter? Give an example of an application that is delay-tolerant but jitter intolerant....
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