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Quiz 2 Key CNT 5106C (10 pts) 2 February 2011 1. How does persistent HTTP differ from non-persistent HTTP? What advantage(s) does this offer? KEY: Persistent HTTP leaves the TCP connection open after the first request for a base page, whereas non-persistent HTTP closes the TCP connection after each object is retrieved (1 pt). The main advantages are that the round-trip time to open a TCP connection is made only once for all objects (1 pt), and that the OS overhead (processing and storage) is incurred only once for all objects (1 pt). 2. What are the main differences between POP3 and IMAP? How do these differ from SMTP? Explain. KEY: POP3 and IMAP are both mail client protocols that allow the user to retrieve email messages from the user’s mailbox. POP3 is simpler and stateless, it does not support organization of emails into folders on the server (typically the email is retrieved to the client and stored in folders there, which makes them inaccessible to the user when a different host is used to access mail) (1 pt).
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