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quiz7 - 2 a Why is Slotted ALOHA more efficient than pure...

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Quiz 7 CNT 5106C 12 April 2011 Instructions: Write your last name, then first initial in upper righthand corner of answer sheet, and write “Quiz 7” centered at top. Answer all questions. 1. Why is reliable data transfer easier at the link layer than it is at the transport layer?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. a) Why is Slotted ALOHA more efficient than pure ALOHA? b) Why is CSMA more efficient than Slotted ALOHA? c) Why is Slotted ALOHA still used in some situations? d) How does CSMA/CD improve over pure CSMA? Explain. e) Why is pure CSMA still used in some situations?...
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