11.02.2011 - REPRODUCTIVE CONTROL 21:43 Q What does it mean...

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Unformatted text preview: REPRODUCTIVE CONTROL 21:43 Q: What does it mean to have a choice in the context of reproductive control?-can choose to have kids or not.-access to education about those options-affordable options-when you think about the choice whether or not to have a family, it really becomes very very personal.-raised with values and goals intersecting on whether or not you decide to have a family.-What is CHOICE? Choice implies a full range of opportunities. You have to have more than one option and you have to have the ability to choose between all of them. -when we don’t have a choice, that means the choices are constrained. Do we really have a choice in choosing birth control? Lack of partner participation, insurance, -is it really choice when you only have choices that suck?-some choices just really suck, so then we start to make rush choices. -POWER AND CONTROL:-who is in power? Who is in control? What pops into your head when you think about birthcontrol? We think of the oral contraceptive pill So when we think about rep control, the ability to have control over your own person, then the person becomes political because an important issue....
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11.02.2011 - REPRODUCTIVE CONTROL 21:43 Q What does it mean...

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