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Unformatted text preview: CHECK THE PDF FOR MORE NOTES PART 1: Pregnancy-not 9 months, actually 40 weeks-Nagels Rule determine first day of last period, add seven to the date of the day, subtract 3 from the months. -PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, will be on exam.- do women really pay attention to their menstrual cycles? No not really-EDC stands for Estimated Date of Confinement, or can be EDD Estimated Date of Delivery FIRST TRIMESTER: How do you know if youre pregnant? Frequent urination-you can use the pregnancy detector-You need to see presence of a hormone(progesterone?)- find this out from the bookl. The hormone is human chorionic gnoadotropin. (hCG)-You can do this all in the privacy of your own home. nausea and vomiting-dizziness-breast tenderness-increased appetite, maybe-fatigue SECOND TRIMESTER:-most people get solid verification, theyve got all these physical body changes, but they have no proof yet that they can feel the baby growing.-twins, possible to have a miscarriage where one is alive, but other is not.-increased weight gain, increased abdominal size-lessening of some first trimester symptoms-decreased fatigue-continued increased urination-beginning to feel movement-physiological changes: resp, heart rate, GI slow down-other THIRD TRIMESTER:-babies rocking and rolling-backaches-shortness of breath. -continued increased frequency of urination-less stomach capacity but continued hunger-continued movement with increasing intensity-return of increased fatigue-some edema LABOR-position, usually around the third trimester, the baby will change postion-babies naturally start to gravitate to head down, there is more space at the top...
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