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Homework 2. Descriptive Statistics for Quantitative Variables Conduct Conduct descriptive statistics in Excel for the following variables in your dataset: 1. PHYSHLTH/MENTHLTH 2. SLEEP 3. BMI 4. DRINK30 5. EMTSUPRT 6. LSATISFY Write-up For each variable above, write up the following characteristics of the distributions (as discussed in class) based on the Excel descriptive statistics you generated. Center Spread Shape Unusual features To find descriptions of “Center,” “Spread,” “Shape,” & “Unusual Features,” refer to: - Course Documents Section 1. Intro & Descriptive Stats (weeks 1-6) 5. Patterns in data & frequency distributions section “Patterns in Data” Turn in The Excel-generated descriptive statistics & the write-ups. How To: Descriptive Statistics in Excel
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Unformatted text preview: Descriptive Statistics & Examples Go to “Data,” click on “Data Analysis,” & then choose “Descriptive Statistics” Click into the “Input Range” box & then highlight the column for the variable of interest Choose “Labels in first row” & “Summary statistics” Copy & save output to another file & save MENTHLTH Mean 26.30119 Standard Error 0.298532 Median 30 Mode 30 Standard Deviation 8.213691 Sample Variance 67.46472 Kurtosis 4.409188 Skewness -2.37363 Range 30 Minimum 0 Maximum 30 Sum 19910 Count 757 Example Write Up ‘The results for mental health in Alabama (Table 1) indicate that it is unimodal with the peak at 30 days, leptokurtic, asymmetrical, and skewed negatively.’ Descriptive Statistics from Excel...
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Homework 2 - Descriptive Statistics& Examples Go to...

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