Instructions for Getting Analysis TookPak for PCs (for Homework 2)

Instructions for Getting Analysis TookPak for PCs (for Homework 2)

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR GETTING ANALYSIS TOOLPAK FOR PC Installing the Data Analysis ToolPak Make sure that you have the Data Analysis ToolPak running on your machine. It comes with Excel. Here’s how to check if you have it, and what to do if you don’t. Select the “ Data ” tab on the main menu bar. If “ Data Analysis ” appears within the “ Analysis ” group, you are ready to go. If it does not, follow these directions to add it to your menu: 1. For Excel 2007 , click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Excel Options . For Excel 2010 , go to the “ File” tab then click on “ Options ” in the list down the left bar. 2. Click Add-Ins , and then in the Manage box, select Excel Add-ins and click Go . 3. In the Add-Ins available box, select the Analysis ToolPak check box, and then click OK . Tip: If Analysis ToolPak is not listed in the Add-Ins available box, click
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Unformatted text preview: Browse to locate it. If you get prompted that the Analysis ToolPak is not currently installed on your computer, click Yes to install. 4. The Data Analysis command should appear in the Analysis group on the Data tab. Computing Descriptive Statistics with the Analysis Toolpak 5. Go to “Data,” click on “Data Analysis,” and then choose “Descriptive Statistics” 6. Click into the “Input Range” box and then highlight the column for the variable of interest 7. Choose “Labels in first row” and “Summary statistics” 8. Copy and save output to another file and save Example Output for PC Users MENTHLTH Mean 26.3011889 Standard Error 0.298531679 Median 30 Mode 30 Standard Deviation 8.213691059 Sample Variance 67.46472081 Kurtosis 4.409187744 Skewness -2.373630951 Range 30 Minimum 0 Maximum 30 Sum 19910 Count 757...
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