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Project 2 - PROJECT 2 Reporting Descriptive and Inferential...

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PROJECT 2. Reporting Descriptive and Inferential Statistics for Categorical Variables and Quantitative Physical/Mental Health Days for BRFSS Datasets Create Table 1 Create Table 1 for the descriptive statistics for the categorical variables (combining demographic and health-related categorical variables into one table instead of two) and the results for differences for days of good physical/mental health from t -test or ANOVA analyses o Variables to include: Gender Age Groups (AGE6) Ethnicity/Race (either RACE5 or RACE2) Metropolitan Status Healthcare Plan Last Checkup Exercise Overweight or Obese Smoking Status (SMOKESTAT) “Problem Drinking” (either HEAVYDRINK or BINGEDRINK) o Provide a title for the table o Name the columns “Variables,” “N,” “%”, and “Days of Good Physical/Mental Health”, with “M”, “SD”, and “Significance” under days of good physical/mental health o Use the category labels from the BRFSS Codebook
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