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AGENDA: What Homosexual Activists Want By ED VITAGLIANO There is no doubt that American culture is in the midst of a massive shift in values, a shift begun in the 1960s, continuing today and no doubt into the foreseeable future. Traditional mores and the institutions like marriage and family which have rested upon them have been abandoned and, in fact, repudiated in some circles. Societies can undergo dramatic change in a number of ways. Sudden and convulsive changes can occur in a culture, often in answer to social trauma – like economic upheaval, famine, revolution or war. These cataclysmic events transpire to suddenly shock a system, and it lurches in desperation to find stability, equilibrium and tranquility. In those moments, new ideas – like fascism and communism in the 20th Century can suddenly find acceptance as old ideas appear helpless to stop potential disaster. Sometimes, however, cultures can mutate gradually. Over time, people come to see things in a different light, and they arrange the society around new ideas. This culture’s views about homosexuality have seen just such a gradual though dramatic change. Spurred by self-assertive activists and aided by the liberal establishment, homosexuals have created a movement that may be more influential and more aggressive than anything this nation has ever seen.
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Purpose and agenda Quite often the opponents of the homosexual movement speak of the “gay agenda,” a phrase that produces ridicule from activists and a mocking demand to “show us this gay agenda you keep talking about.” Regardless of the derision and dismissiveness of homosexual leaders, the gay agenda is something that hides in plain sight. Activists speak quite frequently of their goals and the necessary steps by which they intend to meet those goals. That is precisely what an agenda is. Merriam-Webster defines an agenda as either (1) “a list or outline of things to be considered or done,” or (2) “an underlying often ideological plan or program.” Obviously not every gay organization is the same – no community is monolithic. But do homosexual groups have lists, plans or programs concerning things they wish to accomplish? Absolutely. For example, a simple search on Wikipedia under “March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation 1993” will turn up a list of demands issued by the coalition of homosexual groups which participated. Other
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AGENDA - AGENDA What Homosexual Activists Want By ED...

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