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o _ ... '- ~ ~ . •.-IIi .. .... ~ _.~;.~ . "" .- . ..... :5:: " . 0 AJDS SELF-TEST Answer' the following questi~!1S true or false. L AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. 2. Presently ,in United States, mostly strikes men who engage in homosexual activiry and people who use drugs intrave- nously (using needles to shoot drugs directly into the veins). 3. According to current statistics, the States has the largest number of cases in the world. . 4. People can be infected with the virus without knowing it and without having symptoms disease. 5. infected with but who do not show AIDS symptoms can infect others. 6. can strike women as well men. 7. Intravenous drug users who share needles expose themselves AIDS. 8. Abstinence (avoidance of sexual relations) is 100 percent effective _.. in preventing the transmission virus through sexual :': -.;.--: -contact - 0 9. The chances getting through a blood transfusion are ,----" .greatly reduced becaus::: screening tests are now used to - --:•••• 0 screen blood donations.
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