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BreakPoint Commentary #91202 12/02/1999 “. . . Just the (So-called) Facts: Gay Propaganda in Schools” by Charles Colson Homosexuality is not a mental disorder and it does not require a cure. That's the word from health professionals, and it's what they want our children taught in School. A coalition of distinguished pediatricians, psychologists, and educators as mailed a booklet called "Just the Facts" to school superintendents around the country. But it turns out the booklet is short on facts and rather long on propaganda. The authors represent the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Federation of Teachers, and the American Psychological Association, among others. They say they mailed the booklets because schools are being inundated with "inaccurate" information by conservative groups. And just what is this so-called "inaccurate information?" Well the booklet doesn't identify. But apparently it is the belief that homosexuality is a disorder that can be cured. The booklet claims that reparative therapy and religiously based transformational ministries are "likely to exacerbate the
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breakpoint - BreakPoint Commentary #91202 12/02/1999 ". . ....

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