conscience - "Where Did Our Conscience Go?" By...

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“Where Did Our Conscience Go?” By Chuck Colson Earlier this week, a friend said he had been in a Washington meeting where an influential person said, "You know, Jim Dobson and Chuck Colson are two of the most dangerous men in America." My friend said to me, "I'm sorry to hear people talk that way." I replied, "Not at all! If someone wants to scrub religious values out of public life, to normalize perversion, to destroy the family, then I'm glad to be called dangerous, and there's nobody I'd rather be called dangerous with than Jim Dobson." See, I'm an old ex-Marine lieutenant, and when there's a battle going on, I want to be on the front tines. And let me tell you folks, these are the front lines. That thought came home to me on August 12, 1993. I woke up with a wonderful feeling, because 20 years ago that very day, I had given my life to Jesus Christ. I can remember picking up a newspaper 20 years ago and seeing the headlines about Nixon in trouble. The Watergate hearings were beginning, and there was a lot of turmoil in the nation. Last August, when I picked up the newspaper, here were the headlines: Page one of the Wall Street Journal described the political battles over whether homosexuality is genetically caused. An editorial lambasted President Clinton for not attending the Boy Scouts' national jamboree to avoid offending gay activists. Two columns in the Atlanta paper dealt with gay hostility toward new armed-services policies; two other columns cited the increased number of single mothers in America. There was a big story on nearby Cobb County, where the county commissioners had adopted a resolution condemning homosexual behavior. Suddenly, I realized that 20 years ago, in the midst of Watergate, there was a battle for the government of the United States. Now there is a battle for the soul of America-one that makes Watergate look like child's play. And in this battle, Jim Dobson and all of you stand right on the front lines. I'm proud to stand with you. And now, let me tell you why this battle is so important. Examples from the News In Miami, as a German tourist was driving through the streets, her vehicle was bumped from behind by a couple of young hoods. They pulled her out of the car, robbed her, and then, as if for sport, ran over her in front of her three children and her mother. In Oakland, California, two women were running down the street, one chasing another. Someone tripped the person being pursued. The pursuer then repeatedly stabbed the first woman as the crowd chanted, "Kill her, kill her, kill her," like fans cheering at a football game. In Washington, D.C., an 8-year-old swung a baby around and around until he bashed the tot's head and killed
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conscience - "Where Did Our Conscience Go?" By...

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