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commentary #020829 - 08/29/2002 Hormones First: How to Win the Culture War Note: This "BreakPoint II radio commentary was delivered by Prison Fellowship Ministries President Mark Earley. For many newlyweds, seeing their wedding announcement in the pages of the NEW YORK TIMES is ultimate seal approval. It's synonymous with Ilaccomplished" and newsworthy.1I That's why a recent change the NEW YORK TIMES's policy about what kind of nwedding announcements" will be featured the Grey Lady's pages itself newsworthY, The paper announced that. beginning in September. heading "Weddings ll the Sunday Style section will be changed to lIWeddings/ The change will allow the newspaper put same-sex unions on the same social foot~ng as heterosexual marriages. According to Howell Raines, the newspaper's executive editor, change is meant to "acknowledge the newsworthiness" of what paper c:~ lla growing and visible trend society. !hat is "pJlhlic ~elebrations of commitment by gay and lesbian couples. To qualify for listing the same-sex couple must either enter into a legally recognized civil union or "celebrate their commitment in a public ceremony." This decision by the TIMES only latest example of a larger ~p'attern try~ng to convince people that same-sex unions are ~ssentially interchangeable with marriage. According this argument, insisting that there important differences little more than prejudice and even bigotry. But Peter Kreeft, professor philosophy at Boston College, tells us, not real, but it's gay rights advocates who have placed them at heart their identity. In his new book HOW TO WIN THE CULTURE WAR, Kreeft
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Culture_War - commentary#020829 Hormones First How to Win...

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