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Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?: How to Win the Culture War NOTE: This "BreakPoint" radio commentary was delivered by Prison Fellowship Ministries President Mark Earley. Every Christian who is active in social issues has probably had someone tell them that "you can't turn back the clock." In other words, we can't reverse the direction that our culture has been going for the past four decades. And if you're like me, there are times when this expression makes more sense than we might care to admit. And as a result, we see Christians disengaging from the culture and hunkering down far from the battlefields. But as an important Christian writer and thinker tells us in his new book, we should take heart. "You can turn a clock back . . . " In fact, if the clock is not keeping time properly -- and it is not -- that's what we have to do. That author is Peter Kreeft Professor of philosophy at Boston College. In his new book HOW TO WIN THE CULTURE WAR he begins with the assertion there is something wrong
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Does_Anyone_Really_Know_What_Time_It_Is - Does Anyone...

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