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Dont_Destroy_the_Future - GOOD News by Jim Elliff Don't...

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GOOD News by Jim Elliff Don't Destroy_t_h_e_F:_u_tu_'_e _ T he opeosite sex. Like any high school or university student,~ dream of findin 'ust the right one of that variety to spend my life with. In my dreams, the standar s were reasonable enough: brains, wit, stunning beauty, winning personality, the blindness to think I was great and an exciting walk with God. But for many of my friends, the dreams turned to nightmares. r- -Jr'.Sex prior to marriage took them on a helicopter ride that eventually smashed them on the hard pavement, ruining all chances of having a "'* marriage that was pure and exciting-not to mention, lasting. What happens after sex? Do earlier actions decimate a good / future? .... S!dly, in many cases, the answer is "yes." Our actions do have consequences. Explosives that are loaded into life today may be detonated at'the most inopportune times. Like dreaded land mines, they often leave little behind of what promised to be so good and right. Sex prior to marriage, for instance, has a lona history of breeding distrust in marriages and causing divorce. 1t goes without saying that experience often leads to habit. A person having sex outside of marriage is easy prey for more. Although ~e are shocked
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