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The Early Panic Pill Page 1 of4 HOME ARCHIVES SITE HARCH GET EQUIPPED e.MAll UPDATE CONTACT US . . . r a 1 I .. I Probably most innovative of all is the great wealth to be gained from women who lack the "emotional and financial resources" to keep their children, by capitalizing on their panic. Click here for great college resources. Or click the image to get it. by Sarah E. Hinlicky It looks so nice and gentle. The "Early Option Pill" is what they call it, and you can tell from the picture on the website 1 of the brave and noble woman who's looking out at the world thoughtfully that she's making a smart and responsible choice. "Irs what women have wanted for yea!3," t~ site tells us, "a safe, effective and innovative way to end pregnancy - tEken orally, without surgery - early on. ." Kind of like having your adenoids removed so you can breathe more easily, I guess. But more pleasant than that since, after all, you avoid surgery with the pill. "Mi e rex is safe and effective," the text oes on . "Taken orally, it is non-invasive, avoi mg surgery or anesthesia in most cases. Some women feel it is a more private option. When women choose the early option pill, they will receive counseling and support throughout the process." And all thanks to the FDA's approval of mifepristone on S,eptember 24th of thiS year. "Safe, effective. and innoyative," they say. Let's take a closer look at those claims. ' We'll start out with safe. Mifepristone - known to most of the world as 'R:0=486, now marketed as Mifeprex, the miscarriage-inducing drug that France gave to the world, merci beaucoups - is safe only under very specific circumstances. (Well, safe for the mother. It's not very safe for the fetus.) It should not be taken by women who: have high blood pressure, are obese, smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, have diabetes or other cardiovascular risks, suffer from asthma or bronchitis, are over 35 or under 18, experience menstrual irregularities, fibroids, or endometriosis, have used IUDs or oral contraceptives less than 3 months before conception, have a history of problematic pregnancies or pelvic inflammatory disease, have an ectopic pregnancy, suffer from allergies, epilepsy, or adrenal insufficiency, have recently used steroids or anti-inflammatory medications, have taken cortisone or similar drugs for long periods of time, or have a history of liver, stomach, intestinal, or kidney disease. Got all that? ~ear in mind that in France, where the use of this drug has gone on the longest, the government requires, ev.en when erfectl healthy women are iven RU-486, that the clinic have an el'ectrocardiograp and emergency resuscitativ i ent on h 2 Just in case, 0 course. emem er the website told u istone. is sa e. http://www.boundless.org/2000/features/a0000341.html 10/31/2000
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The Early Panic Pill Page 2 of4 Then there's effective. Let's take a look at the FDA trial report. The total sample group of women pregnant forty-nine days or less (now the official cut-off date for mifepristone use) was 827 test subjects. Of those, nearly 7.9% needed to have surgical abortions performed anyway, which is part of the deal when you take the drug. (After all, if you don't
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early_panic_pill - The Early Panic Pill Page 1 of 4 HOME...

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