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Visit us on the World Wide Web at: www.breakpoint.org 01996 Priso", Fellowo~;p No. 70724 You Can't Eat Just One What Are Ads Really Selling? A little boy holds a bag of Lay's potato chips and grins at NFL quarterback Dan Marino. "Betcha can't eat just one," the little boy says. Marino snorts with indignation. Of course he can eat just one. He's a highly disciplined athlete, who's spent thousands of hours on the practice field. Go ahead and indulge, these ads whisper. But the next thing we see is an empty Lay's bag. The commercial is amusing, and it's probably selling a lot of potato chips. But it's also selling something a lot less tasty-a philosophy that celebrates unrestrained self-indulgence. Lay's isn't alone in promoting this philosophy. Television ads for the soft drink Sprite carry a punch line that says: " Thirst is everytl~ing. Obey your thirst." And consider a recent ad for Lee jeans. A young man follows a woman across the entire country after glimpsing her wearing a snug pair of Lee jeans. The not-so-subtle promise
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