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CHAPTER ONE Enough Is Enough Janzes C. Dobsoll . ',' , , i I i~pyright 1986 Christianity Today, Inc. Published by Tyndale I~ouse Publishers, Inc. Used with permission. , , , It. .• " j . t,", I: " I , ,~ " ". t I" : r' , ·t ",: '.. I The chapter you are about to read may shock you. That has ilOt been my purpose in wnlmg, but I do hope it makes you angry. Irritation interferes with sleep, and we desperately need to experience a moral awakening in this country .. While we were slumbering these past three decades, an $8 billion pornography industry was assembled by members of organized crime, operating virtually tax free and with gov- ernmental acquiescence. This empire now pervades our lives and contributes to the destruction of countless families each year. Something must be done to deal with the plague that infects our beloved land. It was this moral concern that led President Reagan to authorize a second commission to study the affects of por- nography on individuals, on families, and on society at large. I happened to be at the White House that ,day as he ' made this proposal, not knowing that I would be asked to participate in the effort. One year later, AtlorneyGeneral Edwin Meese responded to the president's mandate by . appointing an eleven-member commission. My name was . 3 1 , ; ,~ ,. I I ,
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· the lis!. Shortly after my nppointmenl, a congressman fcn:d Ihis flcrsonnl advice from his heart: "If I were you, vould call mcmbers of my Jocal church and ask for prayer cry day for the next twelve months." "Why?" J asked. "I' "I" II , b t . f ,ceallse, le sat<. . you re a out 0 eXflenence one 0 c most difficult ycnrs of your life. You'll be exposed to alerial Ihat is terrihle bcyond dcscription. But also, you ill soon draw the fire of thc pornography industry. They ill II Y ill every way possible to embarrass you, intimidale ~lll, and discredit your name. You're going to need all the' Ippm! you can get from your Christian friends!" Thc congressman was right on all counts. During my :rm of service, I have bcen ridiculed consistently in mcn's lagazincs and in newspaper editorials. Unauthorized ~cordings of my voice have been includcd in an X-rated 11Ovic. My fellow commissioners and I have been sued for ,.10 million in damages by Playboy, Pe"thouse, et aI., and YC arc personally liable if we should losc in court. During he commission hearings, photographers were sent to take ny picturc for six or cight hours at a time. They apparently loped 10 catch me asleep or in an cmbarrassing pose, or to nlimidale me during subsequent deliberations. Neverthe- less, I coped with these tactics rather well. The greater qlllggle came in respoJlse to the materials we were asked to ~valualc. Ilaving becn a faculty member tit a large medicaJ school and having served on the attending staff at a major chil- dren's hospital for seventeen years, I thought I had seen amJ heard abollt everything. I have stood in an operating room while a team of surgeons massaged a woman's heart for hours after her husband blasted her at point-blank range wilh a shotgun. She never regained consciuusness. I've seen children with pitiful deformities that tore at my heart.
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enough_is_enough - CHAPTER ONE . ',' Enough Is Enough...

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