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Freedom choice? TRUE Truth by Stephen M. Crotts L et me tell you about Mary. I met her when she was 21 , and she was pretty as apicture. She was awealthy college student at the time, yet she was troubled by asummer romance that had taken abad turn. In the fall, Mary discovered that she was pregnant. She carried her child for 415 months before doing what millions of American women have done since 1973. She had an abortion. Mary paid adoctor only a couple of hundred dollars for aprocedure that she thought would simplify her life. It did not. For the next 18 months, she was hounded by guilt and depression. Her weight dropped from 120 pounds to 95. She quit going to church and started to have nightmares. The worst involved atiny baby chasing her down an endless corridor, crying and crying. Mary came to realize that women who've had abortions are more prone to infertility, problem re nancies, nervous breakdowns and suici e. er octor told her none of this. She began to question what the doctor had said, that her womb was carrying "fetal tissue," not a human being. She remembered the flutters of life, the first one just a week before her abortion. The stillness of her life without the baby was unbearable. Mary felt abused.
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