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The Value of Premarital Counseling Build a successful mar- riage with the right tools. A study by the National Council on Family Relations found that couples engag- ing in premarital counseling have stronger marriages than those who do not. Premarital counselees also better at resolving conflict and adjust to married life. So if you are considering marriage, schedule premarital coun- seling into your plans. Equipped Christian profes- sionals can spot potential trouble areas and give you the tools to walk t1lrough them. When remarriage (especially with children), consider finding a counselor who has specific experience with remarriage and blending families. My wife and I recently celebr~Hed our 20th clllni\'er- sary, like most couples we hu\·e had our dirncliit sea- sons. Out aliI" marriage is \Yonderflilly secure. hetter [han the most expcnsi\'e house on the market. And it is primarily because we Ila\'c worked hard at huild- ing and preserVing ;I solid foundation. Piele/" '(w\\"twn/e is IIx' S(!uior IXISlor of \\"ixxlcll'Sl C!J(/Ix'/ ilf COllllllbi(/, .110. !Ie mid bis lI'ff e , Cal'Dl. worlJ logelber 10 promole
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