hopeenough - become a Christian lmtil arter ~.;v'5r e \ Ii-...

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A Hope Big Enough ~.;v'5r \ \l e \ Ii-- r- D <) \(l"" / ~ s-r;f 6< by Ba'rbara Wise U FOCUS ON THE FAMILY "Your HIV test came back positive," the testing center counselor said. Knowing HIV caused AIDS, I tried to grasp the reality of being H.lV positive, while hUrling it as fat away as possible. Two weeks earlier, in March 1993, the possibility of marriage had prompted me to tell Rick that even though he had remained a virgin, I had not. I didn't become a Christian lmtil arter college, :md t had given my body (0 Olh~rs. Rk:k had :lssured me my P<lst wouldn't hurt Ollr relationship, but now, how could 1 (ell him lhi!'; news? I hadn't even lold him I'd been tested; the likeli- hood seemed so remote. So J decided to rctest, just to be sure. !ii!\ sIn II jqle Driving home I thought. 7bis can 'f be ba!,pell';Il,~. I am 011~'1 27 yean. old. Rid~ and J are ill. looe and wanl to man)'. Rick is a strong Chris/ian /Hall, wby would he comllli, 10 a woman who might bauc a terminal il/,w.""'? By midnight, my 'issue Ix:>x was empty, yet I !'it rug- gled with my thoughts through the rt::-f of the night. Wbat a l~y/}(u.:rite, Eo(uycme will reJt.-JCI y()u-Rick.Jam;~)I, friellds, church members, co- workers. Wbal a failure. You'/l die alon.e, tbin. and weak. Covered witb sores. In pai71. . Witbot.ll friends. lou will baue notbing. Dy morning, I was still ;lwllke, and I knew 1 would see Rick thal night. f con', Ju:'ep th,:. . /rom him, and wl~y should I? He de-ames 10 know !be In"h~ thought. 71.7C!1I. he'll be gO/7.e.' ThaI evening, Wt;.' sat and facc.::d each other. Rick's eyt:s met mine. J looked down at my hands and tried to speak, btU man~lged only a stined ely. "Wh,ll is it?" Rick :lskL'd. "Remember om C()l1vc.:r- smion :lbotlt me not being a virgin?" I sobbed. "I W;IS test· cd for HIV, :mel it cline h:Kk positive." Rk:k n::l<. .:h<':'d OVl'r 10 hllg me, hut I pullt.::d h:1(:1-:. "Please lei me hold you," he S<lid. "I don't think you should tOllch me. You could get this," I s:lid. knowing VL'IY little ,11)0\11 the virus. "I c:m'L get il from hug- ging you," Rick s;tid. Ill' wr;lpped me in his :lIms, and we both cried. "I know this will challgt.' rcl~tionship," I whi~l~red. "I <lin ready lo commil l:ny lire to Rick ~;lid. "Although I don't know exacLly whaL the ruture holds, I will be here fOl" you. Nothing you do or S<ly will change mind. Ir our hope i~ not big enough h;mdle :my cven\ll;llity, our hope is not hig enough. Our hope is Jesus Christ, and H\. .' is hig L'IlOU~h for this. 111l.: retest came h~lCk IX1silive. I consulted my doc- Lor ror .1 prognosi. ...
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hopeenough - become a Christian lmtil arter ~.;v'5r e \ Ii-...

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