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I BreakPoint with Charles Colson Commentary #041026 - 10/26/2004 Human Life It's What Matters Most Note: This commentary was delivered by Prison Fellowship President Mark Earley. Even before actor Christopher Reeve's untimely death, Americans were being asked to vote against the president because of his decision to limit the use of embryonic stem cells. Another actor, Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson's disease, made an ad for Senator Kerry CD-Mass.). He criticized the president's policy and told voters "lives are at stake, and it's time for leadership." Reeve's widow, Dana, endorsed Kerry for much the same reason. She told a rally that Senator Kerry, "like Christopher Reeve, believes in keeping our hope alive," W_t:.£s!2~~!.J2. .elj~_i.rlJ~gQingJ:LQ p\UII iILs;? C;:"\1y ns:>LG.lJ!:i§lia fl.s.QJl(;LplheU2r9.:.!ife!12-,-.Ii:lat' s why .w,e. _r~9.ilrclYJhe.Ie._il_C:il . .n.cJi.cJ-,'l!''''.~lilD Q§.PILtlJe sa nct,it.Y. .Clfb. ul1JgH.UfsU9!;Jr; Jb~_ mQ,~t ImPQIJilnUl'1iO9 a voter can know about that candidate. .. _--_._-----
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