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I_Wish_Id_Known - Advice to a young bride by Judy A...

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,_, ._. •• __• •_.__• n • _ FEBRUARY 2005 13 Give your husband the gift of prayer. Ask God to . Judy A. Grubaugh is a contented wife in Fullerton, Calif. Related Resource: To request a copy C?f And the Bride Wore White by Dannah Gresh, write P00065B on the envelope. (Suggested donation $13 in U.S., purchase price in Canada $16.99) to offer your marriage and family. The support of other women is invaluable. I wish I'd known that the best gift I could give my husband is to pray for him. Ask God to pour His favor upon this man you love, and ask God to give him an undivided heart - a heart that hungers to know God. The more devoted your husband is to God, the more devotion he will show you. God wants you to excel as a wife. If you know and understand these five things, you will be a contented Wife, and your husband will be a better man for having mar- ried you. ., Protect him physically and mentally as he goes into the world each day.
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