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I ~ no accident that our country is the,nost violent country in all the world. It is no accident that in our coumry during the past seven years more than eight million unborn ba- bies - the weakest, most helpless. most in- nocent, most defenseless of all human life - have been killed. It is no accident that the divorce rate and-;ile breakup of fami- lies in our nation has skyrocketed during the past generation and that nearly one of cvery two marriagcs will end in divorce. It is no accidem that the existence of rhc fa,~ TIY - the backbone to any civilized society - as the central unit in our society is now rhreatened. It is no accident that teenage pregnancies have become a nadonal con- cern. It is no accident that we are afraid to walk the street ofour cities at night. ~ ~ccident that we IQ~ our homes not only at night but during the day also, or rhat each of us has our car keys in our pocket at this very momen(, Years ago a simple Jewish tenrmaker spoke these words: "Whatsoever a man sows, rhar will he also reap." That rruth is as valid for a nation as it is for an indi- BY DON WILDMoG vidual. The trmh of the words of Paul of Tarsus is evident in our country today. For more than a generation now Otlr socjery'JlaS been sowin seeds which are today bring- i!lg forth rheir fruit. Trmh can be rejecre • bur ir cannot be avoided. No. things don't just happen. One of the mosc-e1emenrary of all scientific truths is the law of cause and effect. Things are caused to happen. Put a lighted match in an empty gasoline can and you will have an explosion. It is a scientific, undeniable truth. Truth is as much a part of the make up ofman as it is the environment in which man lives. Teach a child to cheat ro secure his goal. and he will do so unril he is taught to do otherwise. For a generation now, our society has been mught, subtly but effectivelYz that o;le's religious fairh was a personal and p~ate matter of Iitlie practical value and should nor interfere with one's daily Iiv- i,!!g. Recenrly the chairman of rhe board of onc of the largest companies in America, a company whose sales run in the billions annually and which employs nearly one hundred thousand people. wrote me. "Thc Originallypublislud in 1982 by The Zig Ziglar Corporation, Dal/as, Texas A few years ago. the Rev. Don Wildman sat down with his wife and four children to relax and watch TV. It was an evening of frustration as they tried to find a program suit- able for family viewing. That night Don made a commitment ... a commitment which would take him alit of the church pulpit and into a mission to change television ... a mission that is lonely, often threatening and frustrating, yet rewarding. Early this year a milestone was reached when Don. who had founded the National Federation for Decency (NFD) earlier, was instrumental in forming the Coalition for Better Television (CBT). He serves as chairman of CBT which is comprised of over 2,000 diverse groups who share a common goal - to StOp the flow of profanity. sex. vio- lence, alcohol abuse and orher anti-social behaviors into America's living rooms via TV.
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It_Is_Time_to_Pay_the_Fiddler - ~J2F~uJq/7~ I t is time to...

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