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Unformatted text preview: A: To answer YDur questiDn... YES! The Bible, God's Word, really does say that sex before marriage is wrong. I know that many people today don't understand what the big fuss is regarding sex outside of marriage, but let's first take a look at your question from a secular perspective. Have you heard of STD's [sexually transmitted diseases)? AIDS? Unplanned pregnancy? Have you known anyone who has had to deai with diseases such as genital herpes? Have you met or seen anyone in the final stages of AIDS? Did you know there is still no cure for either AIDS or herpes? Have you known anyone who became pregnant and tried to finish school while raising a child? Did you know that condoms don't fully protect you from these diseases? Now let's look at this from God's Word. We have many scriptures that confirm that God regards sex outside of marriage as sin. Depending on the translation of your Bible, the word you will see is "fornication" or "immorality," or in the case of infidelity in marriage, "adultery." In 1 Corinthians 6 God's Word says,the case of infidelity in marriage, "adultery....
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