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Married o with Passion - Marriage WaotToKnow (:1" RISTIANITVT()DAV Better Sex Page 1 of7 Get Biblic Advice on Main I Archives I Site Search enter here Marriage Community FREE Newsletter Message Boards Prayer Network Insight Better Sex Communication Emotions Family Concerns Health Home Help Healing Money Spirituality A Marriage Revolution From the Experts 24/7 Gary Chapman Real Sex Louis Melissa McBurney Couple Counsel Gary J. Carrie Oliver The Early Years Les Leslie Parrott Starting Out Ever After Gary, Greg, Michael Smalley Making It Work Romance MP Workout Quick Tips View Point Profiles Couples You Should Know He Said . .. She Said . .. Snapshot Poll Marriage Poll: Do you grow closer to God as a result of difficulties in your marriage? Home> Marriage> Better Sex Marriage Partnership, Summer 2004 Married ... with Passion Why a good sex life is worth forethought as well as foreplay. By Kevin Leman Think about it: 90 percent of life is filled with mundane tasks, such as changing dirty diapers, cleaning up countless spills, paying the bills, going to the grocery store, filling the gas tank. And many men and women have financial obligations that require them to work in deadly dull jobs. Into this world of obligation and responsibility, God has dropped something absolutely fabulous into our laps. At the end of the day (and sometimes at the beginning!), when our work is done and the kids are in bed, we can touch, kiss, and pleasure each other in such a way that the world feels light-years away. A fulfilling sex life colors the marriage from top to bottom and is a powerful marital glue-even stronger than children, common values, faith, or dreams. The kind of sex I'm talking about takes work and forethought-but the dividends are worth the effort. Women: Why you want to make hubby happy 1. A sexually fulfilled husband will do anything for you. Sex is such a basic need for men that when this area is well taken care of, they feel immense appreciation and act accordingly. A sexually fulfilled man drives to work thinking, I'm so glad I married that woman. I must be the happiest man alive! And then heads home thinking, What special thing can I do for my wife this evening? If you want this kind of loyalty and appreciation, meet your husband's sexual needs; no other need generates such deep thankfulness. ~ E-mail this I I5ir Bookmark tl ~ Printer vers SUBSCRi Celebrate Mi • Risk-free tr • Give a gift su » Purchase bl featuring The Driven Mal • Clergy Apprec Month HOT ISSUES: • Federal Marri. Amendment • Abu Ghraib Pr • Election 2004 • Bush Intervie' • Decoding Da I Shopping fll ChristianBook.c MusicForce.corr ChristianityTodi Videos Gifts 10/27/2004
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Married o with Passion - Marriage Page 2 of7 (> Often () Sometimes () Never ;._.; I'm not sure I Vote I SEE POLL RESULTS Results of this poll are not scientific. Related Channels
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Married_with_Passion - Married owith Passion - Marriage...

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