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modesty-matters - Ma ver the past few years I've surveyed...

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O ver the past few years, I've surveyed nearly 5,000 people for books that help men and women UuQ4fstaocJ bach other. During this fascinating process, nrr greatest surprise was the disconnect between men and women on modesD" - In recent decades, our culture has ramped up overt sexuality-suggesting it should be out there for all to see-and has encouraged a "do what makes yOll feel good" ethos. Each of those trends is toxic. Cultural Message #1: Nothing is wrong with overt sexuality. We have become desen- sitized to public displays of sexuality that would have been unthinkahle rwo decades ago. Those displays are pri- marily conveyed through women's clothing-or the lack thereof. Walk through any shopping mall or watch 1V and you'll see ads shout- ing that it's fine for a woman to show off in skimpy linge- rie-and it's fine for a man to look. You'll see attractive young men and women con- veying that low-rise jeans and spaghetti-strap midriff tops are not only fine, hut this kind of dress is also cool and fun.
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