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Moral Sexuality in a Morally Neutral World BY Mark Earley Have you ever tried to explain to a modern, secularized teenager or young adult what's wrong with premarital sex between two consenting adults? If you have, you know the meaning of the word frustration. The modern mind just doesn't seem capable of grasping the concept that sex belongs exclusively within marriage. That's not from a lack of intelligence. It's simply because the modern mind has been trained to think otherwise: If two people want a sexual encounter, and take steps to prevent the occurrence of a third person—an unwanted baby—that makes the act morally right. End of story. That's one reason why Jennifer Roback Morse's new book, Smart Sex: Finding Life-Long Love in a Hook-Up World, is so refreshing. Morse, one of the clearest thinkers I know, takes deadly aim at the idea of "morally neutral sex"— and she does it in a logical and compassionate manner. Having once believed in "morally neutral sex" herself, Morse understands the thinking behind the idea. She deals with concepts like "reproductive freedom,"
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