Nihilisms_Children - and viewing pornography. Such alarmin...

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Amoral 'generation gap' and viewing pornography. Such alarmin news ames via a re- As might be expected. sexual behavior port issued by The Barna Group, an orga- seemed to follow sexual attitudes. "Bust- nization that focuses on cultural trends ers were twice as likely to have viewed in the U.S., and especially those related sexually explicit movies or videos; two- to religion. alld~a-half times more likely to report The I}arlla Group analyzed 16 differ- having had a sexual encounter outside el],t areas of moral and sexual behavior marriage; and three times more likely to as well as 16 different perspectives re- have viewed sexually graphic content 011- garding sex and morality, and compared line," the Barna report said. the results from two groups. T!1e first David Kinnaman, who directed the re- was those over the age of 40; the second search for The Barna Group, said, "[Babyl - which was the focus of the studY - wasi? Boomers took moral experimentation to the so~called "Baby Busti·" generation, new heights, but Busters now live in a generally those in their 20s and 3Qs. ,~orld where such experimentation is the <lhedata found significant differences as norm, not the exceptiQ.n." the older group seemed much more prone "It is rare to see such largegaps between to hold to traditional moral beliefs w He population segments and it confirms a t le younger set departed dramatically. major shift in the way Busters think and -This departure was seen clearly in t,be behave sexually. .. ," Kinnaman said. "We ~rea\ofsex - both in attitudes toward sex~ expect to see this mindset of sexual eI~ ualmatters and in sexual behavior. Com- iIement translate into increased appetites pared to the over-40 crowd, there was a far for pornography, unfiltered acceptance greater acceptance on the part of Busters O"f sexual themes and content in media, toward cohabitation, sexual fantasies, sex a7Id continued dissolution of marriages outside marriage, homosexual activity due to infidelity." 16 AFA JOURNAL June 2007 He said many of the sexual horror stories that have been played out in the
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Nihilisms_Children - and viewing pornography. Such alarmin...

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