Playground_of_Her_Soul - BY REBECCA GRACE Silence spoke...

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BY REBECCA GRACE Silence spoke valli mes on aplayground one hot slimmer day in Dallas. Texas. Still swings. Motionless merry-go*rounds. No laughing or singing . .. no children. The playground was just as empty as her soul had been for the first three decades of her life. But just as a gentle breeze began pushing a lonely swing, the Lord began stirring the heart of Norma McCorvey, also known as jane Ro~e 0.-=- v. Wade - the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in Ameri~a. A voice deep inside her kept whisper- ing: "It's all your fault, Norma. You're the reason this playground - and play- grounds all across this country - are empty," she wrote in her autobiography titled Wall By Love. McCorvey's "Jane Roe" signature on the dotted line of an affidavit made her tJle plaintiff in a landmark case that [01'· 12 AFA JOURNAL January 2008 ever changed the lives of millions . .. in- cluding her 0\~1. Sliding back to the beginning In 1969 McCorvey was 22 years old, divorced and pregnant for the third time. All she wanted was to get rid ofher "prod- uct of conception," but a state law limited her options. Poor and uneducated, she needed help. Who better to turn to than two young lawyers who were ready to conquer the world by giving women the right to con- trol their own bodies? Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee were seeking to overturn the Texas statue that outlawed abortion, and they needed a desperate and believable plaintiff. Preg- nant McCorvey was the perfectcandidate, but her story needed to be more plausible. Therefore, McCorvey and the attorneys told the court that her pregnancy was the result of a gang rape. So, she "needed" an abortion, and she deserved the right to choose - at least she thought she did. "On March 17, 1970, 1 signed the affadavit that brought holocaust of abortjon into Amer- ica," McCoryey told A FA ja!lrl1al. "And 1thought I was do- ing something right; i thought r ~as doing something good, and I ,vas wrong." But before understanding her mistake years later, McCorvey realized Weddington and Coffee wanted her signature more than they wanted to help her. She was a tough-talking, abrasive, alcoholic drug user who worked many odd jobs. She was a bartender, carni- val barker, construction worker and waitress, later living the les- bian lifestyle.
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Playground_of_Her_Soul - BY REBECCA GRACE Silence spoke...

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