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LTURE Reject political correctness, actor/activist tells Harvard elite BY CHARLTON HESTON Reprinted from http:!{www.w{lrldl1l,tdaily.col1l Editor's Note: Charlton Hestoll 'ldJrcsscd the tOpl": "Winning the CUhllLll \V,IT" at thl' Ibn\Hd Law Sd1\lol Forum, h .bruarr It>, 1999. Hefe art't'x":Cfpb from Ih.\! speech. I REMEMBER MY SON when he was 5, l'''pLli.ning to his killlkrg.ulcn dass what hi., t~lthcr did fM ,I living. "i\ly D,ldJy," he s.lid, "prl'knds to be p<.'ople." There haw bCl'll quite a lew of them. Prophets from the Old and New Testaments, a couple of Christi,\I1 saints, gcncr,lls ofvarious nation- alities Jnd different (cnturics, se\'<:r,11 kings, thrn' Amcri. .:.lIl prcsid<.'nts, a Frcl1. .:h G\nli- nal .mJ 1\\\1 gl'llius<:s, induding:-' lil-hdangdo. If you want the ceiling fe-painted I'll do my best. There ;\IW;IY-'i seem to hc a lot of JiffcrL'nt fL'1l0WS up hac, I'm never sure whi(h one ofthem gt'ts to talk. Right now, 1guess I'm thl' !juy. A, Iponden:d our visit tonight it struck me: if my (rl',Hor gave me the gift to con- nect ~'I)U with the hl\lrts and minds of those great men, thl'n I wallt to usc that same gift now to re-(onneet you with your own SetHe of libaty: your own freedom of thought: your {Mn (ompass for wll,1t is right. lkdi(ating thL' rnL'l1lOrial at Geltysburg, Ahraham Lincoln said ofAmeri(a,"Wearc now engaged in a gn'at Civil \Var, testing \~'hether this nation or any nation so con- ceived and so dedicated (an long cndure." ThoS/.' words arc true again. I believe that ~ arl' again engaged in a great civil war, a cultural war thaI's about to hijack your birthright to think and say what resides in your heart. I fear you no IOl1ger trust the pulsing lifeblood of liberty inside you . .. the stuff that made this country rise from wilderness into the miracle th,lt it is. Let me ba(k up. About a year ago r became pn:sident ofthe National Rifle Ihsociation, which protects the right 10 keep and hear arms, 1 ran for office, I was elected. and now r _~l'n·e .. [serve as a moving target 20 for the melli,l who'\"<: called me e\'enthing fWIll "ridi(ull)us" ,Ind "dUpl'd" ttl ,I"brain-in- .iurl'd, senile, (r,lzy nld m'II1." I kno\\", I'm prett\' old. But I Surl' th,lIlk the Lord 11'11111\)11 sc'nik. As I h;\\'e stlllld in thc' Go~,IMirs ()f those Wh{l tar~et Sc'(ond Amend· mcnt freedoms, I\-e re"liZL'd tlut lirl',U!l1S <Ire l10t the only issue No, it's mu(h, much bigga th,1n thaI. I've come to understand th,lt ,1 (uhllr.11 W,lf IS raging across our land, 111 whidl, with Orwellian fervor, certain a((L'f,uhk th l >lIghts and spee(h are mandJkd. For example, I mar(hed Ipr (I\d right- with Dr. King in 1963 -long hd"nrc' ll,l!· lyw()od found it fashion,lhk. Hut \\h,'11 !
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pol_correct - LTURE Reject political correctness,...

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