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Focus on the Family Action Relax, honey, it's only sex HAPPIER DAYS: Silda Spitzer was all smiles when her husband won the Democratic nomination for New York's governorship In 2006, but appeared anguished when he announced his resignation in March. T he cultural assault on sexual mores has rowll ferocious, DOC, La Internet porno 1"3 h" even to "COI11 xe nsive" sex education in many of our pu ic sc ools where mania e an all 1 u ness are simp y one Cloire a1110n man '. li e va <Ing recent)' through the French QuaneI' in New Orleans, I chanced upon a slogan that prelly well sumnlarizes the allitude of the liberal establishmelll on this 'subject. The slogan was hanging on a wall outside a strip joint, but it might easily have appeared on the business cards of those who wish that more of us would just get "enlightened" about "modern" sexualmoralil),. The slogan read: "Relax, It's only sex," It's funny thal although the Left ferventl)' wants this slogan to become pervasive lnuh in our culture, not once did I read those
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