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Religious Declaration on Human Sexual Morality Human sexual (genital) behavior is intended by God to be expressed solely within the confines of heterosexual, monogamous marriage. Since God is love, sexual activity can only be considered a true act of love when carried out within these parameters, clearly established by God in His Holy Word (the Bible). Sexual intercourse is to be the same giving act that it represents - which is Jesus Christ's union with His Bride, the Church. It is two becoming one flesh - physically, spiritually and emotionally - the ultimate end of the separating of Eve from Adam's side. It is a procreative and pleasure-giving act that may bear the fruit of children. It is a cause for the continuation of the human race and a bonding agent for the love shared between husband and wife. When done out of love by two spiritually healthy human beings, it will enhance the well- being and solidify the growing oneness of man and wife. God purposed in creation that human sexual interaction be a reflection of that ultimate marriage to which He has called us - that between God and man / between Christ and the Church. Just as God remains faithful, undivided and undeflected from His commitment to man, so this central act in marriage must remain equally faithful, undivided and undeflected - exemplifying the love, the trust and the commitment of a spouse to his/her marital partner. Fidelity to God's blueprint for human sexual behavior is integral to healthy human spirituality. The proscriptions on human sexual behavior established by God in His Holy Word (the Bible) are positive and life-giving. They are designed to bring both maximum glory to God and to be protective measures for those who might otherwise try to find life and fulfillment in alternative sexual behavior, which can only bring death and destruction. As such, they are an expression of
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Religious_Declaration_on_Human_Sexual_Immorality -...

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