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fOCUS POINT September 28, 2000, was a dark day in America. For the first time in our nation's histor~ the Food and"Drug Administration [FDA] approved a drug with the sole purpose of killing innocent human life. RU 486-the generic name is mifepristone and ;;;arketed in the us. under the name Mifeprex-is the chemical abortion pill. The drug, which will silence the beating heart of preborn babies, is to be used through the forty-ninth day of pregnancy; however, the FDA has allowed its use for two more weeks during which time it effectiveness increasingly diminishes. Since the term abortion pill sounds like such a simple s~ution to a difficult lro?lem, we ~ave rece~ved an increased number of otlme calls wIth questIOns about it. We felt this would be a good time to educate our TouchPoint readers about the truth of this numan resticide. RU 486 has been proclaimed by the abortion industry ;s a more private way to abort unborn children. However, here are some medical facts about its l.!2.e
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