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BreakPoint Cultural commentary with Prison Fellowship's Chuck Colson. September 12, 2003 Rules for a Reason - The World Rethinks Dating by Chuck Colson The June 2003 issue of the Washington Monthly ran an intriguing article by journalist Elizabeth Austin titled, "In Contempt of Courtship." Happily married herself, Austin nevertheless found it depressing to study today's dating habits. Everywhere she looked, from popular culture to real life, dating was portrayed as hard, boring, thankless work, more like "applying for a new job" than having fun. Many single people would rather sit home and watch a "reality" dating show than actually go on a date. "When did we start to consider dating a synonym for hell?" she asked. "Wasn't the sexual revolution supposed to make courtship more fun? Yet everywhere we look, we see single people bemoaning the loneliness, the despair, the just plain drudgery of dating." This led Austin to an astonishing conclusion: Maybe the sexual revolution, far from being the solution to a problem, was actually the
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Rules_for_a_Reason_-_The_World_Rethinks_Dating - BreakPoint...

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