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( THE BffiLE AND SCIENCE Dr. Robert H. O'Bannon SECTION ill- SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR Lesson 2. Abortion and Christian Responsibility A. ABORTING OF THE UNBORN IS AMERICA'S GREATEST TRAGEDY 1. The Magnitude of the Tragedy is Difficult to Comprehend The aborting ofover one-and-a-halfmillion babies each year in "Christian" America is perhaps the most shameful human tragedy ofour nation. Over a 35,000,000 babies have been aborted since the famous 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision in which the Supreme Court ruled that the unborn has less rights than a dog or a blade ofgrass. That amounts to over 4,000 each day, or one human life destroyed every 16 seconds. The Christian in touch with God will share in the griefsuch human behavior brings to the heart ofGod who created us all in his image (Genesis 1:26) and for His pleasure (Isaiah 43:7). President Clinton's 1996 veto ofthe bill that would have made the brutal killing of infants partially out oftheir mother's birth canal illegal only underscores how far man can stray in their attempts to justifY sinful pleasure when God's absolutes are not observed. 2. Sexual Promiscuity is the Major Cause ofthe "Need" for Abortion The problem ofabortion is a result ofthe rampant wave ofpermissiveness in sexual behavior that has saturated our society. Pregnancies outside ofmarriage are epidemic with one out ofevery three being aborted. For every two children born in a community, another one has been sacrificed in an abortion clinic to the god ofsinful pleasure. 3. Christian Families Are Not Immune to the Problem Unfortunately, church families have shown little immunity to the spread ofthis malignancy. With the increasing commonness ofunwed pregnancies and subsequent abortions, a
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loss ofspiritual sensitivity to the impact such behavior has upon our Holy God seems to exist. Too often, church leaders are uninformed and ill-prepared to deal appropriately with these important issues. Both my graduate studies in reproductive physiology and my recent involvement in pro-life organizations have helped me gain a fairly good perspective ofthis issue. I share it with you in hopes that you will join the fight to save the unborn child and help restore the sacredness ofhuman life that God intended. 4. God's People Are Again Being Destroyed for Lack ofKnowledge (Hosea 4:6) Admittedly, many situations in life exist for which there are no happy endings. Dealing with a pregnant teenager who herself is still a child is tough. The truth ofthe matter is this: the pleasure ethic ofour present world cannot walk hand in hand with the sinless ethic of Scripture. The wages ofsin are still death. For Christians to assume that abortion is the best solution to a bad situation is to deny many scriptural and medical evidences to the contrary.
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Searching_for_the_truth_about_christian_behavior2 - THE...

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