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Seductive cyberspace sinks marriage By Don Feder Monday, July 5, 1999 Here's a cautionary tale of how the Internet destroyed a marriage. America's electronic playground has been described as “virtual Viagra of the adult industry.” In 1998, profits from cyberporn topped $1 billion, up 30 percent from the year before. One adult Web site, “Clublove,'' has over 115,000 subscribers who pay $24.95 a month for its sultry services. Donna Rice Hughes, author of “Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace,” says there are 72,000 explicit pornographic sites on the Internet. Don't imagine it's all good, dirty fun. Which brings me to my story. The daughter of a friend is in divorce court, having seen her marriage of two years deleted by this electronic version of the other woman. Kate thought she'd met the man of her dreams in 1997. John was “wonderful, funny, bright and accomplished,” Kate relates. They married, had a son named Jack and moved to Burlington, Vt., where John operates his own business. Last summer, things began to unravel. “He seemed distracted and cold.
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Seductive_cyberspace_sinks_marriage - Seductive cyberspace...

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